About Cayuga

The Cayuga area of New York State includes Cayuga County, which is located in the Finger Lakes region, in the west central part of the state. Owasco Lake is located in the center of the county, and Cayuga Lake forms part of the western boundary. Lake Ontario borders Cayuga County to the north, and Skaneateles Lake borders it on the east. Cayuga County has the most waterfront land of any landlocked county in the state.

Cayuga County is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Its gently rolling hills embrace Cayuga Lake and protect pretty farms and peaceful woodlands.

Cayuga County History

Upon the establishment of New York's counties in 1683, the present Cayuga County was part of Albany County. This was a huge county, and included the northern part of New York State as well as what is now Vermont and, according to the theory of the time, extending westward to the Pacific Ocean.

In 1804, Seneca County was formed by the splitting of Cayuga County. Then in 1817, in turn, a portion of Seneca County was combined with a piece of the remainder of Cayuga County to form Tompkins County.